De Hospitality Bloemen en Planten-Service voorziet altijd in verschillende formaten van boeketten. Mini, Small, Medium en Large.
Een klein mini-boeketje kan zowel romantisch als stijlvol zijn. Hoe klein het ook is; het straalt een gevoel van luxe uit.
Planten in een hotelkamer maken het lekker huislijk en warm.
Nicky Cammaert; "Zorg voor een net verzorgd pand met een positieve en verwelkomende uitstraling. Zoals je bij je eigen huis ook doet wanneer je dinergasten over de vloer krijgt. Bloemen zijn daar een essentieel onderdeel van!"

Flowers in hotel rooms at the Wittenberg

Bloemen op Locatie specializes in flowers for hospitality companies in Amsterdam. We supply weekly flowers to various hotels and Bed & Breakfasts but also a tailor made hospitality flower service. Such a service was made for The Wittenberg in Amsterdam.

The Wittenberg, an aparthotel

The Wittenberg is an “aparthotel”, located at the Nieuwe Keizersgracht in the eastern part of Amsterdam’s central Canal Zone. In this majestic building that was built in the the 18th century guests can stay in one of the 115 beautiful apartments for a short or long period of time.The Wittenberg uses flowers to create a “sense of home” and to make a stay at The Wittenberg an unforgettable, warm and pleasant experience. A bouquet awaits guests in each of the Superior apartments, and all guests can order flowers for their room at the front desk if they want to.

The Wittenberg flowers in Hospitality strategy

Rob de Ridder​, Assistant Apartment Manager at The Wittenberg explains: “At the Front Office we have a large bouquet radiating warmth and a homey feeling when we welcome guests. Plus we have a weekly bouquet for every Superior Apartment, giving it the perfect finishing touch.”

What do flowers contribute to the geuit's experience?

“Flowers always spark the joy, positivity and warmth that we want our guests to experience at The Wittenberg.” Says De Ridder. “That is why a bouquet on the apartment’s table is a perfect instrument to give our guests just that little extra making a lasting impression during their stay with us.”

Flowers contribute to The Wittenberg's Goals

The Wittenberg’s goal is to give every guest the sense of having a second home. De Ridder: “That our guest see everyone at the Wittenberg, both staff and guests, as family. That they feel at home at The Wittenberg.”

Flowers are important to achieve that goal. De Ridder: “Just think of your own emotions when someone gives you a beautiful bouquet. And how you are reminded of that emotion and someone every time you see that bouquet shining on your kitchen table. That someone did that! Just for you! It just give a certain kind of warmth and positivity. That is where we have a keen eye for. We want our guests to feel at home.”

How do guests react to the flowers?

“Guest always react positive ly to the flowers, and guests always want to know where those beautiful bouquets come from.” Says De Ridder. Because we change the flowers and vases every week, and because we vary in flower selection it is never dull and remains exciting. De Ridder: “What is so exciting to see is that guests that stay with us for a longer period of time always notice when there is a new bouquet at the Front Office, stopping to admire them for a minute.” The flowers are really appreciated and the hotel staff confirms the positive contribution flowers have to the ambiance in the the lobby.

The Wittenberg's tips for the hospitality industry

At Bloemen op Locatie we always say that flowers give a sense of warmth and homeyness to a room. And that is exactly what The Wittenberg does. De Ridder has two tips for hotels and B&Bs:

  • “Inspire your guests with a beautiful bouquet in the hotel’s public spaces but also treat guests to the feeling of being cared for with extra attention by placing flowers in their room.”
  • Make use of the positivity flowers beam to the world and create a better guest experience by details like flowers. It does not have to be abundant. Just by using flowers as an extra detail flowers can give that little bit extra improving the guest score.

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