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Amerpodia: event venue with a cultural focus

One of our long time event venue partners is Amerpodia. We have worked together for more than 10 years and Bloemen op Locatie is Amerpodia’s dedicated partner in event flowers. Amerpodia manages four cultural houses in Amsterdam and with that they contribute considerably to Amsterdam’s identity as a cultural hotspot in The Netherlands. By opening doors for events in venues like Felix Meritis, De Nieuwe Liefde, Het Compagnietheater and Rode Hoed these cultural institutions find the funding to maintain their position as leading culture houses.

Bloemen op Locatie: a dedicated flower partner

For over more than 10 years Bloemen op Locatie has been responsible for the event flower decoration at Amerpodia venues. Together with Amerpodia’s Event Producer Nicky Cammaert we created an event flower styling package for all the individual venues. Included in the Amerpodia proposals these flower styling packages make it easy for Amerpodia’s clients to choose the event flower elements they want.

Amerpodia's implementation of event flowers

In close cooperation with Amerpodia’s event producer Nicky Cammaert, Bloemen op Locatie selected several event flower styling options for each of the spaces at the Amerpodia venues. The options ranging from large bouquet eye catchers on pillars to small flower decorations on dining or standing tables. All of which in various sizes. Nicky Cammaert: “Flowers are important for decoration events and cultural programs. An empty stage suddenly looks a lot different with a beautiful bouquet on it. Drinks in the lounge are suddenly a lot more sociable when there are a couple of small flower pieces on the standing tables.”

Flowers in the room make you feel comfortable

For events flowers are an important decoration instrument when you want to create intimacy and warmth. Flowers bring a sense of nature and are perfect for giving a presentation, a party or a conference character and identity. Nicky Cammaert: “The flowers contribute considerably to the decoration and ambiance of our venues. I think that it makes people feel good and that we make a space welcoming when we decorate it with flowers.”

Flowers bring ambiance and make people feel good. Nicky Cammaert: “We often use flowers to thank people. A beautiful bouquet for a speaker or program director is always welcomed with big smiles at the end of a successful evening. Plus in my opinion our venues look fresh and joyful with flowers.”

We find that, for events, real flowers work better than artificial flowers. Real flowers are authentic and convey the message “these flowers are here especially for you”. Authenticity is important and attention is important. Nicky Cammaert: “People always react positively and excited to our flowers. They always ask about them and they are always surprised that they are real.”

Amerpodia's tips for event venues a

Nicky Cammaert; “Make sure that a venue radiates welcome and positivity. It is like you received guests for diner at home. Flowers are essential in that.”

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Groot boeket op zuil in evenementen-locatie
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Event venue Amerpodia

Amerpodia: event venue with a cultural focus One of our long time event venue partners is Amerpodia. We have worked together for more than 10

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