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Flower food, what does it do?

When you bought a beautiful bouquet at one of the better flower shops, you always get a little sachet of liquid. Usually accompanied by the advise to cut your flower’s stems diagonally when you put them in a vase at home. Many people wonder if it really helps to use it. Where do you need it for anyway? In this article we explain why you should ALWAYS use flower food.

Why do flowers need?

Flowers have a short life span. When you buy a bouquet at one of the better florists the flowers should last and stay beautiful at least 5 days. But it can be even longer than that. Especially if you know how to take care of flowers. Use of flower food is a very important part of our flower care tips. It prolongs the lifespan of that beautiful bouquet you just  bought or got from your friend considerably. And that is nice because then you can enjoy it much longer.

There are roughly two reasons to use flower food:

1. Flower food adds nutrition to vase water

Flowers are cut from a plant. And with that they are also cut from the veins that via the plants roots and stems supply them with water and nutrition. The organic processes in a flower need, among other things, minerals, glucose and water to make a flower bud for example. But since the flower is cut off of its mother plant it must obtain everything from its vase water. Ordinary tab water does not have the minerals and glucose the flower needs. So if you use the sachet of liquid (for example Vaselife or Chrysal,) you get from the flower shop, you proportionally add the necessary minerals and glucose a flower needs to live.

2. Flower food improves water intake

Flowers die if the organic processes within the flower stop. Often this happens because the supply of nutritious chemicals such as minerals and glucose is cut off or because of pollution. The flower’s veins in the stem take care of the supply and drainage of water and other chemicals. When these veins choke the supply and drainage stops and the plant dies. That is why some chemicals that prevent the veins from clogging are added in order to maintain the supply of nutrition and water and discharge waste.

How to use flower food

If you buy flowers at our flower shop in Amsterdam or at our online flower shop, you always get a little sachet. This sachet is meant to be used for a minimum of one liter water. (Keep in mind that you stick to the flower food/water ratio because the mix should not be to concentrated) If you have a vase that can only contain less than a liter we recommend that you use an empty (and clean) bottle to mix the flower food with water. Any left overs can be kept for later use.

If you receive one of our weekly flower service bouquets at home, or if your company uses our business flower service, the flower food is already in the vase water so you don’t have to do it again.

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