Funeral flowers

Flowers are often an expression of love and affection. In life and in death. That is why it is so important that funeral flowers hit the right chord. You want the flowers to reflect what you would like to say to the deceased. You want them to represent you and be beautiful. That they move people. Since 2005 Bloemen op Locatie  specializes in funeral flowers. Call us to make an appointment and tell us what you want. We can arrange a funeral bouquet or create beautiful flower designs for the decoration of the coffin. We even can decorate the room at the funeral home if you want.

Funeral bouquet

A funeral bouquet is like a normal bouquet but we arrange it so that it can lie down next to or on top of the coffin. You can choose what flowers or colors you want in the bouquet and the style of the bouquet.

coffin flower arrangement

We often make flower arrangements to decorate the coffin for funerals in and around Amsterdam. A flower arrangement for a coffin is different from a funeral bouquet because the flowers are inserted in floral foam making it possible to have them stand up straight. Coffin flower arrangements come in various sizes and shapes. For instance; we can create a beautiful oval or round shape, but also a heart shaped arrangement. Our coffin flower arrangements are usually modern, urban style arrangements, with a lot of different flowers and colors. Our house style is inspired by field flowers. But we happily set that aside and listen to what you or the familie and friends like. We make it exactly according to what you want.

Funeral flowers with a ribbon

If you want to the flowers can be accompanied by a written card or a ribbon with text on it. Just email us the text and we will take care of it.

Calling is better than mailing

We kindly ask you to call us instead of mailing us. Given the importance and the short time frame in which everything has to happen calling is better. Although we do our best to manage our inbox and be on top of things calling saves precious time.

Please call +31 (0)20-4635317 for more information.

Some of our funeral flowers.