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Wedding flower styling, The way we work

Since our foundation in 2005 we have perfected our method for wedding flower styling. Couples getting married often find it very helpful and pleasant. Here we briefly explain our working method.

The wedding flower menu

Preparations for a wedding are often time consuming and extensive. You have to think of so many details that it can be unclear or even daunting sometimes. So many ideas, impressions, choices… To make somewhat easier and clearer for you, at least for the flower bit of it, Bloemen op Locatie created a menu with most of the options and their corresponding prices. Just contact us (see form below) and we will send you our menu by email. We have two menus for wedding flower styling:

  1. Personal Flowers Menu
  2. Venue Flowers Menu

These menu contain the various options and their prices. It can be a sort of guide to choosing what flowers you would like for your wedding.

Considering a Wedding Flower Styling Session

If you feel the need for personal advice from a floral stylist a Wedding Flower Styling Session is what you need. In the session one of our floral stylist is at your disposal for approximately one hour. Together with him or her you can walk through all the options, look at the flowers you want and leaf through our Wedding magazines and books for inspiration. The session will take place in our flower workshop at the Javaplein in Amsterdam. The charges for a Wedding Flower Styling Session are €75,- for one hour. If the total amount of your final order is over €500,- the Wedding Flower Styling Session is free of charge and the €75,- will be deducted from the total invoice amount.

During the Wedding Flower Styling Session we take look at your plans together. We look at the style you want, the flowers available in the season, the possible color combinations and all the other details that might help te create the most beautiful flower arrangements for your wedding day.

Since our wedding schedule is always quite busy and to make sure that the date you want is available, we recommend planning the Wedding Flower Styling Session sooner rather than later. We like to plan the sessions about 4 to 6 weeks before your wedding date so we can show you the flowers in season. So don’t wait to long and book your Wedding Flower Styling Session now >>

If you know what you want, no session needed

Many couples know exactly what they want with the flower flowers for their wedding and don’t feel the need for a Flower Styling session. With the menus mentioned before you can make a fair estimate of the costs involved. In this case a Wedding Flower Styling Session is not always necessary. In this case it is often a question of sending photo’s, moodboards or other details back and forward via email to identify the concept and the costs involved. Just contact us via the contact form below and, together with the wedding flower menus, we will send you a small guide to what information we need from you to create the most beautiful flower arrangements for your wedding day. And of course it is still possible to book a session if you change your mind. 

The wedding flowers proposal

Following up on the Wedding Flower Styling Session or on the email conversations we had with you, we make a proposal. The proposal will contain a description of the flower styling elements, a planning and a cost overview. If any of those do not correspond with your ideas, planning or wishes, we can easily adjust. Changes are easily made.

Agreement and payment

When you sign the proposal and send it to us by mail we mark the project as definite in our planning. Our proposals are valid for three weeks. During these three weeks we reserve the date of your wedding in our planning. After three weeks the date option ends and the project date is opened up to other projects. We kindly ask you to sent a signed agreement at least two weeks before the wedding date so we can begin with preparations and start buying flowers. Payment for wedding flowers styling projects should be received at least five days before the wedding.

Then... enjoy!

our proposals always contain a planning. And on your wedding day we follow it to the detail. At each venue, each location we make sure the flowers are in place and at their best. We always do that little bit extra to make the flowers look exceptional.

Ask for our wedding flower styling menu!

If you would like to receive more information and our Wedding Flower Styling Menus please contact us via the form below.

Or book a Wedding Flower Styling Session here >>

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