Bloemen op de lunchtafels bij een bedrijfsevenement
Een bloemenboog bij de entree van een bedrijfsevenement
Bloemen bij een beursstand
Bloemen bij een stand

Flowers for corporate events

Flowers and plants are important to use at corporate events. Flowers and plants make people feel more comfortable at an event. Scientific research has shown that people feel more creative and more socially inclined when flowers are in the room. Flowers bring a sense of nature. Humans just feel most comfortable in a “natural” environment. Ask yourself the question; “Would I feel comforable in a city without any shrubbery, trees and parks? Or would I feel more comfortable in a city with lots of green?” The answer is the same for a corporate event or a trade fair.

Therefore flowers are an exceptionally well suited instrument to create an ambiance that makes business relations and employees feel comfortable and open.

Flowers for a trade fair booth

 If your company represents itself on a trade fair our advise is to use plants or flowers in the company’s booth. You will find that both trade fair visitors and booth staff will feel more comfortable and at ease in your stand. And flowers and plants add, in the middle of the abundant communication around, that little bit extra to your booth that will make visitors step into your direction rather than into a competitor’s. Plus the booth staff will be able to keep their energy levels up longer.

Flowers for dinner or lunch tables

When hosting a dinner or lunch at an event flowers provide the tables extra ambiance and warmth. This can be achieved by something so simple as a singel flower in a small vases  spread out over the tables but also by a large bouquet on a prominent spot in the middle of a large table. Bloemen op Locate has ample experience with flower styling of lunch and dinner tables. And we are looking forward to give you suitable suggestions.

Flowers for a product launch

Flowers add personality and warmth to an event. Since 2005 Bloemen op Locatie has designed flower arrangements for brands and product launches for a wide range of companies including Microsoft, Google, Ici Paris XL, Randstad, etc. etc. For every event we suggested a suitable solution including venue flower styling, gift bag items, flower experiences like work shops and flower booths on location but also give away bouquets for guests or staff.

Flowers for a corporate party

Flowers are a corporate party must have! A large eye catcher flower arrangement on strategic locations in the room just make all de difference in the world. A buffet is so much more attractive if there are flowers on the table. And if you have people that deserve extra attention during a corporate party a spectacular bouquet is the ideal present to give on stage.

Befitting your brand or event theme

Bloemen op Locatie designs flower styling concepts fitting with your ideas, needs, budget and possibilities of the location but we can just as easily fit our arrangements with brands, event themes or corporate values. Just let us know what is important to you and we will make a suitable proposal.

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