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Flowers at the office in Amsterdam

Flowers at the office make for a pleasant working environment and a good atmosphere. Research has shown that flowers have a clear impact on human wellbeing. With flowers present in the room people feel more creative but also sociable and pleasant. A reasonably simple tool like flowers and plants can have a very positive effect on the people working or visiting at the office. 

Office flowers, how it works

Every week Bloemen op Locatie will make a new, becoming flower arrangements in vases for the office with a weekly budget. We have ample experience with the special dynamics involved with flowers at the office and have build our flower services accordingly.

Three options


We take care of everything
  • Delivery 1 x per week
  • Fixed delivery days
  • No vases necessary
  • All flowers delivered in water and vases
  • We cut, treat and arrange flowers for you
  • We take care of the old vases and flowers
  • We clean the vases thoroughly for you
  • Quality guarantee: 1 week
  • HR bouquet service
  • Business relations bouquet service
  • One monthly invoice
Top Seller


Simple and easy
  • Delivery 1 x per week
  • Fixed delivery day
  • Arrange flowers in a vase yourself
  • Treat and cut flowers to size yourself
  • Quality guarantee: 1 week
  • HR bouquet service
  • Business relations bouquet service
  • One monthly invoice


Busines bouquets on one monthly invoice
  • HR bouquet service
  • Business relations bouquet service
  • Bouquets for the office
  • order on demand
  • Quality guarantee: 1 week
  • One monthly invoice

Bloemen op Locatie is mentioned as one of the top flower suppliers in Amsterdam by Het Parool, Amsterdam’s newspaper.

Vase change service

If you choose our Vase Change Service we deliver flowers always in a vase at the office. Usually this is one of our vases that we selected together with you earlier. When they arrive the flowers have been cut to size, treated, ridded of their excess leaves and put into the right amount of water with flower food. this will ensure that the flowers last long and stay beautiful.

Every week we come on the same day to exchange flowers at the office. We put the new bouquet into place and take the old bouquet van vase with us back to the workshop to clean and store. This saves you a lot of time and effort.

HR bouquet service

The HR bouquet service is in every office flower service option. Regardless of the service package you choose, you can always order flowers for employees. In general employees really appreciate receiving a bouquet from their employer when:

  • It is their birthday
  • It is their first day at the office
  • it is their last day at the office
  • They move house
  • A child is born
  • There is a death in the family

Business Relations Bouquet Services

The Business Relations Bouquet Service in in every office flower service option too. With this service you can send flowers to business relations all over the world. All bouquets are compiled on one invoice at the end of the month.

Interested? We are happy to tell you more about us

Please fill in the form below and our account manager will contact you to explain our processes, discuss various options and find out if Bloemen op Locatie is the partner your company is looking for.

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