Gedecoreerde kerstboom Goud/Brons (M)
Kerst decoratie in versierde kerstboom (Goud/brons)
Kerst decoratie in versierde kerstboom (kleurrijk)
Versierde kerstboom (Rood)

Christmas 2022

Below you wil find our offering for this year’s Christmas. Please order your Christmas decorations by sending an email to We will send you a confirmation of your order and it will automatically appear on your monthly invoice.

Sustainable Nordmann Eco Christmas trees

Our sustainable Nordmann Eco Chistmas trees come from smal Dutch and Danish farms that switched to sustainable farming about 10 years ago. 

A sustainably grown Nordmann Christmas tree is grown with less fertilizer and (sustainable) pesticides are only used if there is danger that the whole crop will be lost. The result is a beautiful tree that grows slower than regular Christmas trees (a tree of 1,5 meters high is about 10 years old). Trees that grow slow are more beautiful and stronger. Our Nordmann trees are harvested at the end of November and super fresh. That is why it looks so fresh and keeps its needles longer. We only sell cut trees so you will need a stand to hold it upright.

Decorated Christmas tree service

At Christmas time we set up decorated Christmas trees throughout the Netherlands. A team of stylists visits offices, hotels, event venues and restaurants to set up Christmas trees and decorate them. We take care of everything so you don’t have to do anything yourself and you do not have to invest in trees, stands, decorations, lights etc. We take care of all of that.

From mid november onwards we tour the country with trees and decorations so let us know a few dates you prefer and we will schedule an installation date. After Christmas, in januari we will come by to take down the Christmas tree and collect the decorations. Again, we take care of everything: We take down the decorations, take everything with us and dispose of the tree responsibly. Super convenient.

Decorated Christmas trees are available in Gold/bronze, Silver, Red, Pink and in a colorful mix.

Christmas Wreaths

Each year we make our own artisanal Christmas wreaths of pine branches and other winter greens. Our florists bind these wreaths by hand from pine branches, shrubs, conifers, eucalyptus, holy  and much more, creating an interesting, divers and natural wreath that not only looks nice but has a great scent too.

Our Christmas wreaths come with a piece of hanging ribbon.

Een kerstkrans met decoraties

With Christmas decoration

A wreath with Christmas decoration is available in the following color combinations: Gold/bronze, Silver, Red, Pink and a colorful mix. The price includes hanging ribbon.

Only pine and greens

A mix of pine branches, shrubs, conifers, eucalyptus, holy and much more. The price includes hanging ribbon.

Prices excluding 21% VAT and transport.

Businesses Order on invoice

Companies registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands can order via email. We will send you an invoice with which you can secure payment via bank transfer. Order your Christmas decorations by sending an email to

Please include the following information in your email:

  1. The items you want
    • Amount
    • Desired decoration volumen and color
    • Price
  2. When you would like to have it delivered
  3. The delivery address

If you have any questions please call 020-4635317.

Or fill in the form below

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