Groot boeket op zuil in evenementen-locatie
Kleine vaasjes met bloemen op een sta-tafel
Bloemen op tafel in een restaurant
Een boeket in een vaas op een zuil bij een evenementen-locatie

Event venue flower partnership services

Our name Bloemen op Locatie literally means Flowers for Event Loctaions. (In Dutch) Based in Holland, the flower capital of the world, we offer flower styling service internationally to clients all over the world, but our partnership offering to Event Venues is mainly focussed on event venues based in and around Amsterdam. Since 2005 we have build ample experience with flower styling of event venues. Our experience over the years resulted in specialized services for Event Venue companies. We have created a partnership approach which allows venues to easily add flowers to their product portfolio.

Add flowers to your product portfolio

Together with our event venue partners we start by setting up a tailor made event flower styling package. In this package we incorporate all the flower styling elements that are applicable to your location. This package is effectively your new flower styling product offering to potential clients. The venues flower styling package exists of flower elements that are often used and leaves enough flexibility to adjust for color, style or flower preferences. And there is always the option to disregard the package if a client’s needs exceed the package.

With flowers your product offering to potential clients has expanded, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and a happy customer, but also in a better guest experience, an increase in turn over and a higher profit.

We take care of everything

Flower arrangements are always created at our workshop, transported to the venue, put in place and given a last styling checkup. This guarantees a successful build up where we put everything in place without hindering the build up of other elements or risk of damage to the flower arrangements. 

No extra resources or investments

Bloemen op Locatie takes care of the whole package. You don’t have to invest in materials, vases, pots or anything else needed for event flowers. Our complete flower styling inventory is available for all our Event Venue Partners.

Some of our Event Venue Partners include: Felix MeritisHet Rijk van de KeizerHuize FrankendaelDe Nieuwe Liefde, Het compagnietheater en Westerliefde.

Amerpodia is one of our Event Venue Partners. Read about Amerpodia’s experience as an event venue partner of Bloemen op Locatie >>

Interested? We are happy to tell you more.

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