Een hotelkamer met bloemen en planten
Een klein mini-boeketje kan zowel romantisch als stijlvol zijn. Hoe klein het ook is; het straalt een gevoel van luxe uit.
De luchtkwaliteit in een kamer met planten is veel beter en aangenamer.
Nicky Cammaert; "Zorg voor een net verzorgd pand met een positieve en verwelkomende uitstraling. Zoals je bij je eigen huis ook doet wanneer je dinergasten over de vloer krijgt. Bloemen zijn daar een essentieel onderdeel van!"

Hotel flower service

Bloemen op Locatie specializes in hotel flower services. We supply flowers to a number of hotels in Amsterdam. Our hotel flower service is tailor made for each hotel and consists of three options: Hotel Flower Styling (we take care of the weekly flowers in the lobby or flowers in the restaurants, etc.), a Guest Flower Service (guest can order flowers for their room) and Event Flowers.

Flowers in the hospitality industry

Most hotels in Amsterdam use a weekly fresh flower arrangement in public areas like the lobby and restaurants to create a more inviting ambiance for their guests. We find that for a number of hotels in Amsterdam it is increasingly important to create an inspiring, intimate almost homey ambiance. Especially at hotels where you can find a mix of hotel guests and locals in the lobby and restaurants. Indeed flowers are a very effective instrument to create a welcoming ambiance and a positive guest experience. With some of our hospitality partners we created a tailor made hotel flower service used to improve the guest’s experience even more.

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Flowers in the rooms

In our Hotel Flower Service we look beyond the flower styling of public spaces in hotels. Our goal for this service is not only to improve the ambiance in hotel lobbies and restaurants but also to contribute directly to a positive guest experience. Many hotels aim to make guests “feel welcome” and “at home”, combined with a sense of “luxurious feel good”. Flowers very effectively support those goals.

A bouquet or other flowers in a high end hotel room is a very effective instrument to create luxury and a sense of being looked after well. Together with The Wittenberg, Bloemen op Locatie created a service for their guests that is very successful. At the Wittenberg, guests can order flowers and plants in the room for the duration of their stay. We take care of the flowers and plants so that they are always fresh and inspiring.

Banqueting & events Flower Service

Ever since 2005, Bloemen op Locatie has created flower arrangements for event venues. For hotels with event facilities we have created a service making it possible for the banqueting and events department to include flowers in proposals to customers. This broadens your product portfolio to event agencies and other clients without requiring extra effort of hotel staff. 

In close cooperation with the event sales department we put together a complete package of event flower styling elements. During event production Bloemen op Locatie will work together closely with hotel staff but with a minimum of effort required of hotel personnel. With this service we offer hotels useful practical tools and clear operational procedures to ensure a smooth cooperation during both the event sales process and event productions.

Hotel plants

Plants are an important element in hotel styling. Plants contribute a lot to people feeling comfortable in a hotel. Plants represent nature. And… plants need taking care of. That gives people a sense of luxury. But keep in mind that plants also influence the perception of the quality that can be expected. After all, if the plants look like the are not taken care of, what can be expected of the care for guests? On the other hand, if plants are carefully selected, healthy and vibrant it radiates luxury and quality. So make sure you do it right!

Our hotel planting service consists of:

  1. Plant consult and advise
  2. Plant and pot delivery
  3. Plant maintenance

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