Een schommel versierd met bloemen
Bloemen op een lopende sta-tafel.
Een enorme vaas met bloemen.
Een groot boeket met bloemen voor een event.

Flower partner for event agencies

Bloemen op Locatie is a dedicated flower partner for event agencies in The Netherlands but also internationally. Ever since 2005 we have worked hard to build our experience with event flower styling and venue flower styling. Our experience over the years resulted in specialized services for Event Agencies. We have created a partnership approach which allows agencies to easily add flowers to upcoming and current projects. In our partnership we offer agencies practical instruments for their proposals to clients and easy concept communication.

Fixed flower styling packages and tailor made projects

It is our experience that a large part of event project flower styling are standard arrangements like diner table flowers, eye catching large flower pieces on pillars, standing table flowers, handover bouquets, etc.) We offer our event agency partners easy to use tools enabling them to add these standardized flower styling elements easily to proposals. But we also love to work closely together with event agencies and to be part of the creative process and contribute to (the flower part of) the event concept proposal. Our proposals to agencies always include a creative flower styling concept, planning and a clear financial overview.

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