Why is a bridal bouquet so expensive?

People often wonder why is a bridal bouquet so expensive? Couples inquiring for wedding flower styling options always feel that if they drop the word wedding or bridal bouquet the price suddenly increases. And they are partly right. The price is higher than if you just buy flowers in a flowershop. Here is why…

Only the very best for a bridal bouquet

When we make a bridal bouquet we only use the best of the best flowers we can find. Every detail is examined. For bridal bouquets we have dedicated plower purchasing sessions where we go out and buy the flowers we selected for the wedding. We choose only the most beautiful flowers and out of those we select only the best ones. And as with many other things in life; the best is often a little more expensive.

It takes time to arrange a bridal bouquet

If you compare arranging a bridal bouquet to arranging a bouquet from the flowershop, bridal bouquets take a lot more time to create. Of course it has to be perfect. Everything should fit seamlessly and the finishing must be superb. That takes time. We often need an hour or even one and a half hours to arrange a bridal bouquet.

Plus, the time leading up to production also takes a lot of time. For instance; when couples visit our flowershop for a Wedding Flower Styling Session, we don’t want to rush you into making decisions. We take the time for it. And because couples always want the best too, and because everybody’s choice sets are unique, there is always a lot of correspondence and communication going back and forward. All considering; a bridal bouquet takes approximately three hours to make.

Bridal bouquets are our specialty

It really is a specialty. Not everyone can arrange bridal bouquets like us. It takes a lot of practice, patience, insight, creativity and technique to master the art. Bloemen op locatie made more over a 1000 bridal bouquets, and decorated nearly as many wedding venues with flowers, so we can confidently say that we have mastered it. Our experience over the years has allowed us to create a special working method for weddings. That method, our experience and our art makes couples choose Bloemen op Locatie for their wedding.

Our hourly rate for Wedding Flower Styling is €65,-. And it is all worth it. You will find that our floral stylists are experienced and skillful. Plus they always feel “involved” with the weddings that we do. And it shows in the quality and beauty of your bridal bouquet!

So... What are the costs?

It depends on size and choices of flowers, but generally the price of a bridal bouquet is €150,- To give you an idea on how we come to this price you will find a breakdown below.

    • 1 hour production: €65,-
    • Selection of flowers: €50 – €100,-
    • Finishing and materials: €32,50

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