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Flower care tips:

If you have flowers at the office, your restaurant or hotel you always want them to look fresh. If you don’t have the budget to change flowers twice a week you have to be a little creative. A restaurant environment is especially harsh for flowers because restaurants are quite warm and people tend to fidget with flowers at the table. But also office and hotel environments can be demanding for flowers because of air conditioning or people walking by. On this page we will give you some tips to prevent flowers from perishing early.

office flower care tips

If you have flowers at the office you want them to look as fresh as possible. After all; flowers should look good and be representative for the company. If your company has a vase change service with its flower subscription it makes it a lot easier. Then you don’t have to do any thing at the start. We have treated the flowers, the water and the vase for you.

But if you have a flowers only subscription or if you want to know how to freshen up your flowers, here are eight flower care tips to help you make flowers look fresh for the whole week.

  1. Make sure the vase is very clean.

  2. Put flowers in fresh, clean water

  3. The harder the stems, the more water the bouquet need
  4. Always use the flower food you got from your florist. (Put it in the water)
  5. Before you arrange a bouquet in a vase cut the stem ends diagonally. (with a sharp knife)
Keep leafs and dirt out of the vase water

  7. Do not position a vase with flowers close to fruit, heating, or in direct sunlight.

  8. Refresh vase water with fresh water, when it becomes mirky. 
(and trim stems again)

Restaurant flower care tips

The flower care tips above also apply to restaurant and hotel environments. But at a restaurant the dynamics are a little different. If you have flowers in your restaurant only once a week it is often necessary to change vase water after approximately 3 or 4 days.

  1. Take the flowers carefully out of the vase.
  2. Discard old vase water
  3. Clean the vase’s inside with washing up liquid
  4. Put in fresh water
  5. Put new flower food in the water if you have.
  6. Cut the stem ends (diagonally) again.
  7. Put the flowers carefully back in the vase.
  8. Keep leafs out of the water
  9. Flowers that had seemed to lost their spark often come back again. But if they don’t, just take them out.

How long should flowers last?

At home flowers should last for at least five days after you have bought them. A good flower shop will make sure it’s flower selection stays fresh. In restaurants, with warm conditions and people touching flowers on the table, flowers tend to perish sooner. That is why we always like to use super fresh, beautiful flowers that are a little more durable for restaurants. So it depends heavily on the conditions but as a rule of thumb you could says that flowers should last at least five days. We guarantee that our flowers last at least five days. And if you stick to our flower care tips they often last much longer.

Look for flower care tips at home at URBANBLOOMNL.

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